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On-Load Tap Changer is used to control the voltage of a transformer and to maintain load voltage due to power variations or voltage fluctuation of supply. The main purpose is to maintain a constant voltage output from the transformer and to compensate for variations in the load situation. It does this by altering the number of turns in one winding and thereby changing the turns ratio of the transformer.


  • Designed for Distribution transformers.

  • Integrated drive mechanism.

  • Designed for 5 Lakh operations.

  • No barrier board required.

  • No huge sealing area required, hence leak free.

  • Transformer size becomes very slim.

  • No conservator required and hence no piping costs.

  • Between 50,000 operations, no maintenance is needed.

  • Total freedom from the menace of barrier board related problems.

  • Only half an hour time required for the inspection of OLTC.


Type Current Rating (Amps) Three Pole Voltage Variant BIL kVrms / kVp Max. Rated Step Voltage ( Volts) Max. Operating Positions
Voltage level (kV) Vector Linear Pre-Selector
L 200 11,12,33 Y.D 95/250 825 9 17

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